Artist Statement

I’m intrigued and inspired by curious, creative, industrious  people who are striving towards something, whatever it may be. They spark my creativity.

My pieces reflect our times, yet what I’m interested in showing is the universality and timelessness of the human spirit. At the same time, I want to bring innovation and surprise to my sculptural work. Artists have often tried to capture this same idea, and I am adding my voice in this time and place.

Why women in my current work? Their form, their angles and planes and curves, are beautiful to me.

Sculpting the figure is not only a great joy, it’s also a way to transcend the ordinary. Sculpting takes me out of any worries and I’m completely absorbed in trying to capture a gesture or a feeling in clay.

I play with the ideas that inspire me and tell stories through the figures. They all begin at the same size and with the same body type, but from there, they become their unique selves as I construct them. I love using color on the sculptures as part of the individualization of each narrative.

My hope is that you enjoy these figures and regard each one as illustrating a different aspect of the human experience. Perhaps you can also find yourself inspired.